Desktop Publishing services

Desktop Publishing


We provide businesses with strategies for producing written content and images. Vorvox Digital has a collection of six specialized DTP services to help organizations of all sizes.

Working with images of different qualities from several sources is a common challenge when assembling content for publication destinations such as articles, books, ebooks, presentations, videos, professional journals and magazines. Vorvox Digital has a team of desktop publishing specialist — experienced with converting photographs, images and art into digital formats and touching up images as necessary.



Magazine Layout

Vorvox Digital tests different arrangements for a balanced layout that communicates about your business,


Vorvox Digital typesetting and typography chooses the right font and font size that plays a meaningful role in content.


Text formatting

We pick the right font and font size that plays a meaningful role in content while designing with the typesetting and typography.


Book Layout

Vorvox Digital is dedicated to high-quality and careful planning throughout the desktop publishing layout process.

Copy editing

From semantics, grammar, and spelling to the publisher’s house style, Vorvox Digital ensures that our copy editing is accurate.


Multilingual desktop publishing

We translate content into any language, ready for publication. We also offer localization of visual elements.

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