PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services

Experienced Google partner using the most cost-effective digital marketing ads to maximise your return on investment. Through data analysis and creative thinking, our PPC team can help your business grow.

PPC offers businesses the opportunity to draw a clear line between budget & revenue. If you’re looking for a marketing opportunity that offers the highest potential for a maximised return on your investment, then PPC through Google or Bing Ads is for you.

PPC enables you to bid against other businesses in your industry. With expert knowledge and data analysis skills, Fifteen is able to use industry leading technology to ensure that every penny of your budget is utilised in the most productive manner.

Digital marketing isn’t just for businesses with a big budget either. With a seamless, transparent, strategy we’re able to deliver effective messages to the right audience. We will tailor your PPC campaign to suit your budget – making sure that your ads are only shown to the right people, at the right time, and at the right price. We will provide you with monthly reports, ensuring you’re in the loop with the results we’re achieving on your behalf.


Why Choose us?

With so many companies offering ‘PPC Services’ it can be difficult to tell who will manage your campaign effectively. Firstly, we are experienced in determining the right keywords for your campaign – their selection is crucial in making sure you attract visitors who turn into buyers in sufficient numbers. A PPC campaign will be beneficial if you target the right sort of market using the right key terms for the right audience. It is also essential that your site delivers once the visitor arrives – our Conversion Rate Optimisation experts ensure that happens.

Beyond this, we’re completely transparent. We understand that not all businesses are ready to utilise the skills of an external agency. We can also offer advice to businesses looking to get started with PPC, but don’t yet require our services.


PPC Management

All of our digital marketers are Google Ads Professionals with the latest certifications. Fifteen’s team are trained specifically with business goals in mind. Every business requires a profit, and with that in mind we optimise all our campaigns towards this goal.

Management and optimisation of PPC campaigns is an ongoing process too. Each day, all of the accounts we manage get a daily health check – nothing goes a miss at Fifteen.

Ultimately, through specialist keyword choice and optimisation, we help you target people who are searching for your products and services now. This is why we can help your business.


PPC Strategy

Not only do Fifteen have a team of specialists, we also have access to dedicated Google account managers. We have 24/7 support, ensuring any issues that arise are squashed ASAP. We do our research, meaning that every account and every campaign will run as smooth as possible.

If you already run PPC through any channel, we’re in the ideal position to assist. Our experts can audit your current account, and pinpoint the areas for improvement. We offer strategy advice, hints and tips to businesses who feel that their campaigns could be performing better.


Vorvox’s PPC Services:

Vorvox Digital offers the full suite of PPC services – from an initial audit through to ongoing optimisation. We create packages to suit your business objectives and budgets, including:

  • Campaign Health-checks
  • Competitive Research
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Keyword Generation
  • Campaign Targeting
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Ad Extensions
  • Ad Copy Split Testing
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Campaign Expansion
  • Optimisation and Testing
  • Reporting



Re-targeting gives businesses the opportunity to advertise exclusively to potential customers, once they have already interacted with your business. Advertising specific products/services that the user is already interested in maximises the potential for them coming back and converting.

Google Ads

We’re specialists in PPC on the largest search network in the world. Utilising Google Ads is a must for any business looking to maximise their effectiveness. Through years of learning and testing, or team are able to optimize campaigns for any business in any industry.

Google Shopping

With a huge percentage of sales now being made online, having a google shopping feed optimized to maximise your sales opportunity is vital. We can help you pinpoint which products perform well, and which need some TLC, with our specialist toolset.

Display Advertising

Beyond digital marketing, Fifteen offer an expert creative service. Utilising their knowledge, we’re able to create stunning, highly converting display ads – furthering the potential of your PPC advertising.

Bing Ads

Although Bing only makes up roughly 4% of the market, don’t let that put you off. Specifically, we see Bing generate £1000’s for companies in the B2B market. Let’s extend your network through the use of Bing Ads!

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