Complete Digital Marketing Course

What you'll learn

  • Introduction of Digital Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing
  • How do you do Digital Marketing research
  • What Are The Important Terminologies Of Digital Marketing
  • What Are The Ways Of Digital Marketing
  • How Digital Marketing Strategy Works
  • How To Build Business Strategy In Digital Marketing
  • How To Build Customer Strategy In Digital Marketing
  • How To Build Marketing Strategy In Digital Marketing
  • How to create Digital Marketing Website
  • How to create and Manage WordPress Website
  • How To Make The Most Effective Website In Digital Marketing
  • How To Select Domain Name In Digital Marketing
  • How to Setting up website by yourself or outsourcing
  • How To Start Building A Website For Digital Marketing
  • How to improve the website conversions
  • How to create effective web copy for website
  • What is Importance of Responsive website
  • What does Google Search Console do
  • What is SEO
  • Which are the different ways of SEO
  • What is image SEO Are images
  • How do you search for Keywords on Google good for SEO
  • How to Search and Analyse Keywords for SEO
  • What is importance of building content
  • What is Local Lead. How it is important for SEO
  • What is a backlink in SEO for SEO
  • Which Backlinks are best for SEO
  • How to use SEO
  • How to use tools to drive Traffic, Click and Sales Tools – Moz SEO
  • What is Adwords And how does it work
  • How to use Google Adwords
  • How to use Google Adwords to reach your goals
  • How to review your Adset Results in Adwords
  • How to select the Google Adword Campaign for your business
  • How to evaluate the search and display marketing
  • How to do the effective content marketing
  • How to Build and manage content for different Context-Part1
  • How to Build and manage content for different Context-Part 2
  • How to create blogs
  • What is Email Marketing
  • How to plan email strategy
  • Which tools are available for Email Marketing and How to analyse it
  • What is Email Marketing How to set up Email Marketing effectively
  • How landscape change of Mobile Marketing
  • What is importance of application for Mobile Marketing
  • How to set Social Media Strategy
  • Who is Using Social Media
  • How is LinkedIn used for Marketing
  • How can I market on LinkedIn for free
  • how to set up marketing on LinkedIn
  • How to set up content strategy for LinkedIn
  • How Can LinkedIn help your business grow effectively
  • What is Facebook Marketing
  • How to use Facebook for Business Marketing
  • How to Set up Facebook Business Account
  • Effective ways of setting up Facebook marketing for your business
  • How do I get Facebook Ads Manager
  • How does Facebook Ad Manager Work3. how to set up an Ad that generates Leads and Conversions
  • how to set up an Facebook Ad that Generates Traffic on website
  • What is Twitter Marketing How does it work
  • How is Twitter used for Marketing
  • How to do Instagram Marketing
  • How to set up Instagram Marketing Account
  • How to promote your business in Instagram
  • What is Quora And how can it help in Digital Marketing
  • How to create a Quora Marketing Strategy for your Business
  • Why video marketing become so popular
  • How to start with video marketing
  • What is Video content. How to create effectively
  • How do you become a YouTube Marketer
  • What is YouTube’s Marketing Strategy
  • How to analyze video marketing
  • Text SMS
  • WhatsApp SMS
  • What is Google Analytics used for
  • Understanding the Basic reports for Google Analytics
  • How to measure custom Campaigns in Google Analytics
  • How to install Google Tag Manager
  • Practical of google tag Manager
  • What is AB Testing How AB testing works. how to evaluate it
  • How Affiliate Marketing works
  • How do I Start working as a freelancer in Digital Marketing
  • Different ways of making money as a freelancer through Digital Marketing
  • How to Make Money by setting up Social Media Accounts
  • How to earn money as an Affiliate
  • How to earn Money by setting up a Website
  • Interview Q & A

Prepare to Lead the Future of Marketing

    • A recent survey suggests that 64% of companies are looking to hire more digital marketing professionals.

    • As the world of marketing drifts towards digital with time spent on mobile & digitally connected devices seeing a multifold rise year-on-year while they gradually decrease on traditional mediums, digital has become a one-stop platform for people to socialise, learn, work, play, and get entertained in the current times.
    • The 2-3 month programs are designed to teach you the ropes of digital marketing and allow you to specialize in your preferred science of marketing.


Ride the Digital Wave

How digital marketing is going to take centre stage overriding traditional methods
Digital marketing is expected to create over 2 million jobs in India by 2021
The digital marketing industry grew by 15% in 2020
Digital Screen Time of users has shot up by 30% since 2019
Digital advertising industry is estimated to grow from INR199 Bn in 2020 to INR 539 bn in 2024
The Digital India Scheme is expected to increase GDP by US$1 trillion by 2025