Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS services are best way to help you communicate,
interact and transact with your target audience. Automate web-based platform avoids the need of any installation and download.
API facilities allow usage of sms service more efficiently.

Why Should You Go For Bulk SMS?

Increase Presence

It offers direct communication with customers. It’s the perfect platform to increase your presence in the market.

High Open Rate

More than 90% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipients. It can bring great success.

Get enterprise ready

Scale up seamlessly with our robust SMS gateway and features like tiered account structure for teams/franchises, user roles and privileges, audit trail, bespoke services & more.

High ROI

It has high conversion rate and more actions are taken by customers than other marketing channels.

Two Way Communication

It’s a great way to get feedback and suggestions from your customers.

Cost Effectives

SMS is a Cost effective medium to engage with your target audience.

Key Features of Bulk SMS

Missed Call Integration

You’ll get a free missed call number that will help you to take your communication to the next level.

Automate the Campaign

Schedule your campaign on specific date/time and the automated system will send your campaign.

List Segmentation

You can segment your contacts into groups and send your message to specific groups.

Search Filter

Everything is searchable in SMS application. To narrow down the scope of your search, filter your report by clicking on search icon.

Powerful Dashboard

You can view your current, past and complete statistics here.

SMS Template

You can create a message template for transactional or OTP route. Template should be approved by the admin.

Select Language

You can select English language for English message Or Unicode language for other language message.

Dynamic field

Dynamic SMS like "Hi Ravi, Your salary 45,584 INR is credited in your Account." Here Name "Ravi" & Amount of salary "45,584" are dynamic values that collected from contact list.

Short/Smart URL

Add smart URL in your text message and easily redirect your target audience to the desired landing page. You can also track the click through rate.

Sender ID

Create a sender ID for transactional, OTP and Enterprise route. It must be either 6 digits or characters. Admin will approve it.

Large Push

Powerful panel is able to send more than 5 Million SMS in single campaign.

High Speed

We offer you the liberty to transmit 5000 TPS (Transaction Per Second) to your target audience.


Reseller is able to Oversell SMS. SMS credits deducted only if customers of reseller send SMS. Reseller can choose customer's biling type.

Create SMPP

Select your route, give SMPP a name, and enter your whitelist IP. Reseller also able to resell SMPP services.

Upload a Contact List

Create contact list and upload file of your prospects (.csv, .xls, or zip format).

Add Custom Fields

Create your custom fields at one place. No need to create them separately for each contact list. You can link the custom fields with your contact lists.