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A Digital Marketing Strategy is only effective if there’s a valid strategy in place for deliverables. Creating powerful marketing blueprints for dynamic rewards.

Our digital marketing team combines skill sets across all areas of digital including SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click marketing, retargeting, email marketing, affiliate marketing, online PR, quality link building, social media advertising, social media campaigns and conversion optimisation.

We make recommendations as an extension of your team and will only make suggestions that we think will honestly work for you.

We’re honest about what will work for you, and we won’t make promises to get you to the top of Google in a day when that’s not possible.

We will make promises to be dedicated to delivering on your objectives and enhancing your digital presence significantly.

Here’s a taster of what you can expect from our digital marketing strategies:


Understanding your Audience and Industry

We will hold an informal meeting to get to know you, your audience groups, your industry (and your competitors).

The meeting is focused around gaining as much of an understanding as possible.

The more you can tell us about where you are and where you want to be with your digital marketing, the greater the start we have to deliver your strategy.


SEO and Digital Marketing Audits

SEO and digital marketing audits are an excellent place to start for many of our new clients. By delivering an in-depth SEO audit, we can expose any potential issues with your website, digital marketing and plan a strategy that will solve them. Often professional help is required to understand where your website is going wrong. Previous poor SEO practices can often deliver quick results and then suddenly Google releases a new update and organisations are seeing their rankings drop and traffic levels (and conversions) dissipate.

If this sounds familiar, an SEO audit would be our first recommendation to you. Using specialist software, we can pinpoint in time when your website was penalised, and most importantly, why. Our SEO audit work goes further to understand the fundamentals of your website technically and to provide a complete evaluation of it. We can then look to deliver best practice techniques to get your website back on track. Our SEO audit will enable us to investigate your website completely and to provide tangible reasons for your current results.


Setting Long and Short-Term Goals

Results and timeframes will depend mainly on how competitive your marketplace is – we’ll work with you to agree short and long-term goals based on commercial understanding.


Getting the Basics Right

We believe in getting the basics right and laying the foundations first, our SEO and digital marketing audit will show us what needs to be done on your website initially. From technical SEO and content through to key calls to action that will be required to result in a conversion.


Developing Appropriate Complementary Channels and Techniques

Once the basics are in place, we will recommend channels that are complementary to your digital marketing mix and that are suitable for your audience groups.

Channels could be content marketing, quality link building, pay per click marketing, retargeting, email marketing and social media marketing.


Frequent reporting and refinement

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and this is as a result of our committed approach to delivery. After the initial set-up of a campaign, we will report monthly on results and make recommendations to refine our campaigns.

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