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Copywriting for the web is an all-important part of our service for many of our clients. Our copywriting team will work with you to define the goals and objectives of your website. The content on your site is a critical factor in engaging your audience groups; it will inform how people view your company and whether they believe you’re the right company for them. We provide full copywriting services for websites and can help you to deliver user-focused copy that illustrates the benefits of engagement and ticks the search marketing box.

SEO Copywriting with a User Experience Focus

When copywriting for websites, we also need to ensure that we give maximum visibility within the search engines. Google, for example, looks at over 200 factors when ranking websites and content is one of the most critical factors. Search engines look for quality, unique content that is focused on helping the searcher.  Once those objectives are in place, we’ll work with you to develop your sitemap, or look to review your existing sitemap.

Page by page we’ll talk through the information required to achieve your objectives. For example:

  • Page title
  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Contact point/call to action

Effective Copywriting with a Content Marketing Approach

We look at content as being multifaceted, which is why we take a marketing approach to all content on your landing pages. Not just from an SEO perspective but other possibilities including PR, brand awareness with the idea in mind of being able to generate outreach opportunities.

From this initial structure, our copywriters will glean an understanding from you of information required for each page. We’ll also research your competitors and contemporaries to ensure that what we’re writing stands out. An essential part of our copywriting craft is the delivery of a consistent tone of voice and messaging that sits with your brand and values, delivering a seamless representation of your organisation.

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